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Taicang TE Cooler Co.,Ltd

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Taicang TE Cooler Co., Ltd (TTCC), ounded in 1992, TTCC is a professional manufacturer which mainly manufacturing thermoelectric materials, thermo-electric modules, alumina ceramic substrate, direct bonding copper ceramics substrate(for short¡±DBC ¡°ceramic substrate), nickle plating DBC ceramic substrate, metalized ceramics substrate ,and other related application products. TTCC also has advanced production equipment,technical skills and strict quality management system. TTCC has been certificated by ISO9001: 2000.

A Thermoelectric module is a very small, very light and completely silent solid-state device that can operate as a heat pump or as an electrical power generator with no moving parts. Our TE module, using the ceramic plate that was internationally used, has some good features: easy installation, convenient operation, small volume and light weight, it also has higher refrigeration efficiency and bigger difference in temperature. According to clients' requirements, we can provide TE module with different specifications and multistage TE module. Our Peltier products are used in many industries, such as military, commercial, industrial and consumer.

Our Ceramic products can be use for the thick film circuit, thermoelectric modules, Power Electronic Device, CPU integrated modules. We have different shape and different specs ceramic substrate. We also have the capability to design and customize the ceramics according to our customers¡¯ requirements.


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